Race Info

The Event

Sunday, June 4, 2022
At Jones Middle School Track & Field (Between Barrington Elementary and Jones Middle School)

9:00 AM
10:00 AM
Kids Fun Run at Jones Track
10:45 AM
Triathlon begins at Devon Pool
11:00 AM
Carnival Starts!
1:00 PM
Party’s Over People!

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The Berkshire Triathlon really is a try-athlon, and now it’s just for kids. The event is non-competitive, and purely for fun. It will consist of: a 2 lap (50 meters total) pool swim, a 2 mile bike ride (4 loops around the block), and a 1 mile run (4 laps around the track). We’re hoping this is doable for kids ages 7-14. Registration is $90 per kid and includes a boxed lunch + unlimited rides at the Carnival!

Please also join us for the Kids Fun Run! We are passionate about involving younger children in our mission to help support local organizations. Why should only big kids get to be active, be merry and help kids heal? The Kids Fun Run is the perfect place for younger kids (agest 0 – 7) to get involved, all while helping others in need. Parents can take part in this run with their child, or kids can do it on their own. Registration is $60 per child and each child will get unlimited rides at the Carnival!

We hope to see many of our young athletes at this event!

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Post Event Party


Saddleberk, our local partner’s restaurant, will be served with sides and refreshments


There will be games, rides, ice cream, and maybe even face painting. It’s going to be so fun!!